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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Meet the 15-Year-Old boy behind the Much talked about TalkTalk cyber-attack

OMG! what is this world turning into? You will not believe that this baby-face 15-year-old loner is the main suspect in the TalkTalk cyber attack/huge security breach that has put the banking details of four million households at risk.

Scores of TalkTalk customers have been targeted by fraudsters exploiting the hacked data and the firm’s share price plunged.

The young lad is said to be a violent video game addict, who has been kicked out of school and neighbour claimed he his now home taught and that he never hang with kids his age. 

The reclusive youngster was arrested in he pebble-dashed property he shares with his single mother on a rundown estate in Northern Ireland.

His online blog reveals he is obsessed with violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto.

A close family friend told reporters that, 'He never wanted to go to school. He is quite a small boy and small for his age. He never leaves the house. He never goes and hang out with other lads of his age.'

'Obviously he is doing something else rather than running around with other 15-year-olds.'
Analysts were last night trawling the data on the boy’s computer in the hunt for other suspects. Police sources say they expect to search further addresses in what is a ‘fast-moving’ investigation.

Much of the boy’s online blog, which contains references to his family, is made up of computer code and it appears to include the email addresses of fellow computer obsessives around the world. 

Many have hailed him as a hero but if their account or that of their family were among the leaked ones will they feel the same way? Yes i agree the boy is a genius, but he should use his talent in shaping the world to make it better and not plunge people and companies into debt and financial woes...

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