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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy Independence day Nigeria

Wow! Happy 55th Independence day celebrations Nigerian, God will bless this great Country and a Nigeria of our dream will emerge in Jesus name.
Nigeria will be great again..... Plus happy new month to every DTB readers, do have a blissful independence day out there.


  1. 55 years and we have nothing to say for Nigeria. No don't wish me happy independence. There is nothing to be happy about in this country.

    Duke hope u are good? Enjoy ur holiday.

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    1. I understand how u feel sis, Tho nothing seem to be working in Nigeria but let's hope a better Naija will emerge..

      I am good thanks bet you're fine too? and do enjoy the rest of the day

  2. Happy independence!

  3. I believe in naija... Happy independence day..



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