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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Graphic Content: Biker survives horrific accident after impaling himself on two iron bars

A 26-year-old biker has miraculously survived an horrific accident in a remote part of Rajasthan, India after he rammed into a truck which was laden with heavy duty building material.

Hamar Singh Rajput was thrown into the rods which were dangling off the back of the lorry as a result of the momentum of his bike.

Rajput said: 'Two rods pierced into my neck as I rammed into the truck. 
'I could feel that something had badly injured me. But then I felt the rods in my neck and the feeling of death overtook me.
'It happened in a fraction of a second and I could not understand how I could not control the bike. I thought I was going to die any moment.'

Eyewitnesses said Rajput was lying in a pool of blood and screaming for help when they discovered him.

He was rushed to the nearby government hospital by locals, where doctors were astonished to still see him conscious.

Dr Manish Chhaparwal, who operated upon Singh, said: 'The impact of the crash was so severe that the iron rods had rammed through his neck and came out from his back. 
'We thought there was little hope of saving him.
'We were amazed that he was still in his senses and managed to sit up. He was talking all the while.'
Rajput was immediately taken in for surgery. And after a three-hour operation, the iron rods were successfully removed from his neck. 

See more photos below:

Source: Dailymail


  1. Jesus! Omg. Omg Omg. Thank God he survived. This saying 'when it's not ur time, it's not ur time' is so true.


  2. OMG! This is very graphic. I almost screamed in the office. Thank God he survived this


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