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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cruelest Prank ever! Ladies what will you do if this happens to you

What will you do, If your husband pulls off this Stunt? A Youtube start who's known for his crazy pranks enlisted the help of his young son in an elaborate stunt to scare his girlfriend that their son had been blown up in a quad-biking accident.

Roman Atwood who posted the footage of the clip, called 'Blowing up my kid PRANK, has been views more than 8million times on Youtube in two days.

Atwood, 32, from Ohio, begins the prank by telling Smith - who has just arrived in the couple's car - that he and their son have been test-driving the quad-bike and really want to buy it.

He asks her to fetch their checkbook from their car so he can purchase it.

As soon as Smith's back is turned and she starts walking to the car, Atwood tells Kane to run and hide while he swaps the boy for a dummy.

The dummy is wearing the same helmet and clothes as Kane and looks just like him from behind. 

Atwood positions it on the bike so that when Smith returns with the checkbook, she sees the back of what she thinks is her son on the bike. 

Atwood is standing next to him. 

The 'boy' then revs up the bike and it shoots off with 'him' on board.
Terrified Smith screams and runs after the vehicle, which is being secretly remote controlled, but before she can reach it the bike flies over a jump.

As it lands, it explodes in a 30ft fireball.

Brittney bursts into tears and runs into the carnage to try and save her son. Atwood holds her back until the flames subside. 

When she gets to the explosion site, expecting the worst, she realizes she's been had.

The furious mom gives Atwood a sharp kick, telling him: 'It's not funny, that's not funny.

'Don't touch me, I'm done. I'm done, honey, I can't do it.'

The footage ends with little Kane running up to give his relieved mother a big hug while Atwood asks his girlfriend: 'You still love me, right?'

He does not get a reply.

Perhaps Brittney, 32, should have suspected something was amiss as it is not the first time her boyfriend has pretended to kill their son.  

In November last year, he tricked her into thinking he threw Kane off their balcony. Again, it was a mannequin, this time dressed in Kane's Spider-Man costume. 

Smith sentenced her boyfriend to a night of sleeping on the couch and a kick in the groin.

Atwood is known for his hidden camera prank videos, which he boasts have garnered more than 1.042billion views and 7.1million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He started out by filming videos at high school and has been recently filming a reality prank show, called Natural Born Pranksters, with Alex and Howie Madel and can be followed on Facebook or Instagram. 


  1. Lol.. But he should stop these pranks so that d devil will not pot hands
    Www. Adenegift.Com

  2. Hope it won't become a reality someday. This prank here is a way too much. Nobody should pull such trick on me. It's an expensive joke.



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