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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OMG! Teenage girl became possessed by the devil after playing board game on her Phone

OMG! This is weird but true, Can one truly end up been possessed by using some apps?  Well this teenager from Chosica, in Lima Province of Peru, ended up 'possessed by evil spirits' after playing Quija board game on her phone...Yes you read that right peeps.

Patricia Quispe, claimed she became possessed by the devil after playing the Quija game using the mobile phone app.
Patricia and her friends downloaded the app over the weekend for a bit of fun, and had joked about trying to communicate with the spirit world.

However upon returning home, Patricia's parents noticed that she seemed to be unwell and eventually called and ambulance when she began convulsing and foaming from her mouth.

Video footage at the hospital shows medical staff trying to restrain the young girl who is convulsing violently and struggling as she shouts '666' followed by 'let me go, let me go'. Watch after the jump.....

In another segment she can be heard shouting: 'Please give me my phone' and 'Mum, these doctors don't know what they're doing, take me home.'

Witnesses told local news they had no doubt that she had been possessed by 'satanic spirits'.

Friends of the teen said her personality had changed and she had started speaking in a different voice as she lost control of her body - and calling out for the devil.

Medics confirmed that the young woman seemed to be extremely strong and it was difficult to control her, and said they struggled for more than half an hour before finally managing to restrain her.

Ms Quispe has now been committed to a psychiatric ward while doctors investigate her condition and trying to find the cause of her strange behaviour.

Source: Dailymail


  1. This is strange but I'm not surprised. Ouija board game is a demonic game, pastors and Rev fathers keep warning people about it. She need exorcism.


  2. Ooh really, strange. What is the game about



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