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Saturday, 12 September 2015

SATURDAY DIGEST: World's Greatest unsolved mysteries (Day 10)

Dear DTB readers, So sorry for bringing you today's edition of SATURDAY DIGEST a bit late...I've been out all day Owambe things lol.
The 'Aluminum Wedge of Aiud' joins our long list of World's greatest unsolved mysteries today.
Sometimes in the year 1974, a group of workers in Romania unearthed  three objects that was buried 35 feet in sand, 2 kilometers East of Auid, Romania, on the banks of the Mures river. Two of the items were prehistoric Elephant bones that have been dated to be as old as 2.5 million years. The third object however, is an aluminum wedge, which left most researchers dumbfounded, as aluminum was difficult to create even by 19th century standards.

The third object 'Aluminum Wedge' was allegedly taken to the Archaeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca to be examined, where it was found to be made of an alloy of aluminum. The wedge was also encased in a layer of oxide no less than a millimeter thick, which is said to indicate an age of at least 300 to 400 years old. It is not mentioned what dating technique was used.

Many have called the discovery a hoax, while some call it evidence of extraterrestrials existence. but till date no conclusive information on how the Aluminum wedge came to be or what purpose it serves.


  1. Nawaoo so where is the aluminum now

    1. The Aluminum is at a museum now...thanks for dropping by. you're much appreciated sis

    2. I love history. Keep up the good work


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