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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meet 'The Real Life Tarzan' from Australia

The wild man of Cape York who has been hailed as the 'The real life Tarzan' shunned modern society 60 years ago, after becoming inspired by Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey.

Micheal Peter Fomenko now 84, Born the son of Princess Elizabeth Machabelli and champion athlete Daniel Fomenko in present day Georgia, which was part of former soviet Union, the family moved to Japan in the late 1930s but later moved to Sydney as a result of war tension in 1937.

Micheal, who was a state decathlon champion and has been tipped for a place in the 1956 Olympic in Melbourne, but before the 24 year could compete at the games, having see himself as Greek hero Odysseus, he ran away from his family's Northbridge home and retreated into the jungles in Queensland.

He lived in the rain forests between Cape York and Ingham in northern Australia and survived by killing crocodiles and boars with his bare hands in the wilderness.

According to Chris Mikul's book Bizarrism, Micheal was even fabled to have made a solo sail in a canoe he made from a cedar log all the way from Cooktown in Queensland to New Guinea.

Back in 1959, it was reported that 'Tarzan' had been saved by indigenous locals from semi-starvation in a 'wild, unexplored, crocodile-infested tropical jungle'.

Wearing nothing but a loincloth he was also chased by police in 1964 and arrested for vagrancy and indecent behaviour before being declared insane, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

After his release, he went back to live in the wild, among the Aborigine until 2012 when he fell ill while walking to Sydney to visit his sister and was taken in by Gympie's Cooinda Aged Care facility.

See more photos below:

Tarzan with the Aborigines

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