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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Meet 'El China' Mexico's most dangerous female cartel

Is 'La China' the most dangerous woman on earth? Well DTB readers should be the judge...

Meet Melissa 'La China' Calderon, 30, a female cartel boss in Mexico. Who was captured on Saturday by authorithies in Mexico is regarded as the most powerful female cartel boss in Mexico. He second in command who doubles as her boyfriend Pedro 'El Chino' Gomez traded information which led to La China's captured with authorities in exchange for a reduced sentence.
El Chino described Melissa as a maniac and a control-freak, he also accused her of 180 murders and gave details of locations her secret burial sites. El Chino stated that he became horrified by the monster she (La China) had become.
Her Boyfriend 'El Chino' (L) Bad Girl 'La China'  (R)

Melissa, who became involved in organized crime in 2005 when she started working for the Damasco Cartel and quickly rose through the ranks because of her ruthlessness and hot temper. she was made commander of the organization's armed wing in 2008.

She controls huge followership and inspired loyalty in her troops and motivates those who serve well with free bags of cocaine.

La China, was later to form her own group, when a seasoned assassin 'Abel Quintero' returned from prison to take a place in the group.

The Cartel boss is known for kidnapping her victims and dumping their dismembered bodies on their families doorsteps.

Her game was up on Saturday, when she was arrested as she attempted to flee the state from Cabo San Lucas airport.

See more Photos from her reign of terror below (WARNING: Graphic images):


  1. Wonders will never end! A woman is as dangerous as this? Only God will help us

    1. Thanks for dropping by sis, La China is real definition of dangerous

  2. I wanted to say is this a movie? Just like naked weapon. 30years old lady doing all these wonders? Wow

    Thank God they have been arrested!!!!


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