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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Giant 'Boiled egg' found inside a man

Camera shows boiled egg inside the 62-year-old man

What! CT scan reveals a giant mass pressing on the bladder of a 62-year-old  man who came to hospital complaining he had felt a frequent urge to urinate for more than 20 years is a giant 'boiled egg'.
Doctors at the hospital examined him physically and sent samples away to the laboratory, but found nothing out of the ordinary.
However, CT scan revealed a giant mass pressing on his bladder, so doctors sent a camera into his abdomen and they found a free floating, smooth, firm and rubbery lump that measured an incredible 10cm in length and was by 7.5cm wide and weighed 220g, which is heavier than a large orange.

Doctors said the lump, which looked like a giant egg, was actually a 'Peritoneal loose body'. The mass is believed to be formed when pouches of fat wrapped in the colon's membrane - are twisted away so they become detached and loose.
They transform into fibrous lumps and become calcified.

After having the mass surgically removed, the man no longer felt like he needed to urinate frequently.
Doctors then dyed the mass with green ink to show the different layers. It contained a layer of fibrous tissue, protein and fibrous material in the centre surrounded by a ring of calcified tissue.

Source: Dailymail

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