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Sunday, 27 September 2015

21 killed in Central African Republic attacks

Tragedy struck again in the capital of Central African Republic (CAR) on Saturday, Where at least 21 people were killed and about 100 other were wounded, when Muslims attacked a mainly Christian neighbourhood.
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Government spokesman said, The reprisal attack in Bangui came after a Muslim man was killed and his body found dumped in a street close to the airport, witnesses said. It is the worst violence this year in a city secured by French and United Nations peacekeepers.

Central African Republic, has been plague in violence since 2013, when Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in the majority Christian country. The violence has killed thousand of people and forced hundreds of thousands to leave thier homes.

The fighting left the country divided when Muslims were chased from the south. There had not been any attacks in Bangui for months until a grenade attack earlier in September.

Muslims left their stronghold in the 3rd district of Bangui on Saturday and attacked the largely Christian 5th district using automatic guns, heavier weapons and grenades.

The Voice of Peace Muslim community radio station and a church in the 5th district were among the buildings attacked.

Thousands of residents fled to other parts of the capital and attackers who also wielded machetes and knives burned houses and cars, witnesses said.

U.N. helicopters with a peacekeeping force flew overhead but witnesses said little was done to stop the attacks

Source: Reuters


  1. Muslim religion and violence are like 5 and 6. Why?


  2. Those Muslims are just the bad eggs among Muslim

  3. God have mercy!



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