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Thursday, 13 August 2015

US: Massive Inmates riot at California Prison

Riot broke out at a maximum security prison in California on Wednesday afternoon after a member of the group of six that attempted to break out of San Quentin prison on August 21, 1971, was killed.

Convicted rapist and murderer Hugo Pinell, 71, who is a member of the infamous 'San Quetin 6' was stabbed to death in the exercise yard of California State Prison after 50 years of incarceration-Must of it spent in Solitary confinement.

After his death at around 1pm a huge riot broke out among about 70 inmates at the facility east of Sacramento.
Killed: San Quentin 6 member Hugo Pinell (pictured) was stabbed to death, triggering a 70-inmate riot at California State Prison on Wednesday afternoon

Hugo Pinell was famed for his role in the failed prison break attempt at San Quentin on August 21, 1971, when he slit the throats of three guards.

'He was definitely the target,' Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Dana Simas told the Associated Press.

Pinell, who transferred to California State Prison in January 2014, had been in solitary confinement until just months ago due to 'long-standing threats'.

Once dubbed 'the most dangerous man in the California prison system,' the Nicaragua native had become a bounty for prisoners vying for notoriety.

As soon as he was attacked in the exercise yard by his fellow inmate on Wednesday, 'everyone else joined in,' Simas said, including members of multiple prison gangs.

She did not release the name of the inmate who killed Pinell.

Correctional officers first tried using pepper spray to break up the fight. When that didn't work they fired three warning shots.

Eleven inmates were taken to an outside hospital to be treated for stab wounds. They are in a stable condition. 

Photo credit: +Daily Mail

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