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Friday, 14 August 2015

'Mrs Terror' ISIS recruiter who fled to Syria is back in the UK, Special force on alert.

British jihadi Sally Jones (pictured before her conversion to Islam) is feared to have returned to UK from Syria

A British woman who ran off to become a member of the dreaded terror group ISIS in Syria is feared to be back in the UK with two Jihadis..Sally Jones who joined ISIS in 2013 with her husband Junaid Hussain who together have been dubbed 'Mr and Mrs Terror'.

New report suggest Mrs Terror may have been seen in Brimingham this week in company of two other people, both said to be aged around 20..
The 45 year old woman and her 21 year old husband Hussain, were named as two ISIS recruiters seen boasting online about a planned terror attack in the UK.

They told undercover reporters posing as wannabe jihadis to carry out so-called 'Lone Wolf' attacks, and even sent them bomb-making guidebooks.

The militants also revealed that the Queen and the Royal Family would be targeted with pressure cooker bombs at tomorrow's VJ commemorations.

Police are believed to be investigating the reports Jones has returned to the UK and airports are being watched.

A source told the Daily Mirror: 'This is worrying but Special Branch officers are working on this to track her down.'

The current terror threat level for international terrorism is 'severe', meaning an attack is 'highly likely'.

Source: +Daily Mail 


  1. May God keep us all in safe hands because a person died in the attack is not a person dead but a family dies if a person dies because there are a lot of subordinates of him who loose their hopes with this. I will keep on writing about the circumstancing and hope that 123help me quality writing so that the world will learn about the processes that how to stop them all to save the humanity.


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