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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Man who dressed up as Batman to visit Kids killed in car accident

A man who delighted thousands of children by dressing up as Batman at Hospitals, schools and charity events died when he was hit by a car on the fast lane over the weekend.

The man, Identified as Leonard B Robinson, 51, was returning from a weekend festival in South Charleston, West Virginia, when he met his untimely death when a Totota Camry car ran him over, police said...

Mr. Robinson began visiting hospitalized children in 2001, in Batman's costume. He however gained national attention in 2012 when Dashcam video surfaced of police in Silver Spring, Maryland, pulling him over while he was driving his black Lamborghini – not the Batmobile replica – dressed as Batman. Robinson traded the Lamborghini for the Batmobile later that year.

He averaged about 18 visits a year to hospitals, schools and charity events, handing out toys and T-shirts, giving “Batman” autographs and discouraging kids from bullying, according to his website and his father, Larry Robinson.

“To see these children, the smiles that come onto their faces – it was like a miracle for these children,” Larry Robinson said.

The Washington Post reported in 2012 that Robinson spent $25,000 of his own money on Batman-related items for kids every year.

RIP Mr. Robinson

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