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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Childhood Destroyed: ISIS shows off child soldiers recruits

Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant recently posted photos of young boys online boasting how the kids were the new 'cubs of the caliphate' from the Syrian province of Damascus. The young boys can be seen in the photos been trained to take aim with machine guns, how to wrestle and combat moves, also in some of the pictures the boys are been trained how to strip and re-assemble sophisticated weapons.
Most of the boys are between age 10 and 15, you can see them smiling childishly as they watch each other wrestle and do the bidding of this blood thirsty terror group. THE BIG QUESTION IS WILL THESE BOYS EVER GET THEIR LIVES BACK? See photos below:

Deadly: ISIS continues to glorify their tragic use of child recruits in many of their propaganda videos
 Disinterested: Many of the young boys appear relatively disinterested in the wrestling matchSleepy: One of the boys sitting at the back of the room appears to have fallen asleep in the gun training classTraining to kill: ISIS has repeatedly used children in the battlefield as both infantry and as suicide bombersTaking aim: Many of the children appear to be struggling with the awkward weight of the machine gunChecking: All the child soldiers are taught the basics of how to strip and reassemble a rifle and shoot to kill

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