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Saturday, 29 August 2015

38 People Killed in Truck Crash in Swaziland

At least 38 girls and young women were killed in a crash while traveling by truck to a traditional festival in Swaziland, a pro-democracy group said on Saturday.

About 20 others were injured when the truck collided with another vehicle on Friday, the group, the Swaziland Solidarity Network, said in a statement. The young women and girls were said to have been in the back of the open truck, the group said.
The police in Swaziland, a small mountainous country of 1.4 million people bordering northeastern South Africa and Mozambique, discouraged reporting on the accident, the group said. Photographers were prevented from taking pictures, said a Swazi journalist who insisted on anonymity for security reasons.

“You don’t hide a death,” said Lucky Lukhele, spokesman for the Swaziland Solidarity Network. Members of the Swaziland Defense Force alerted the group to the accident, Mr. Lukhele said.

The women and girls were traveling on a highway between the Swazi cities of Mbabane and Manzini when the truck carrying them smashed into another vehicle and was then hit in the rear by a second truck, The Times of Swaziland newspaper reported.

Source: NYtimes

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