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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

NIGERIA: I won’t resign as deputy speaker-Lasun

Deputy Speaker of the House of Rep. Sulieman Lasun
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Mr Yusuf Suleiman Lasun has said that he will never resign his position having been duly elected.
Lasun’s statement comes amid speculations that there are intense pressures on him to resign as a way of resolving the leadership crisis rocking the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the House.
But Lasun said, during a visit by Ilobu Development Association, Abuja chapter yesterday in Abuja, that there was no way he would resign his position.
He said, “In 2007, we won all our elections in Ilobu. In 2015, we won all our elections as APC. Today, what is on ground in Osun State is that besides Osogbo, Ilobu is the strongest APC town in the whole of Osun State.
“So, if an Ilobu man is the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria today. We have made our own mark and we have contributed to APC. So, anybody talking about Yusuf Lasun’s resignation only wants to cheat the Ilobu people who have toiled all day and night, having contributed to what APC is in Nigeria today.

“When I look at that angle alone I laugh, and I want to say this nature itself has a way of regulating things. We cannot benefit from where you have not sowed.
“On this note, I’m assuring you that not only that my colleagues on June 9, 2015 elected me on the floor of the House, it was not an appointment; it was an election that was beamed live. It was watched all over the world, and don’t forget that there were 358 members of that House that were present and inaugurated that day.
“Having gone through all that, it will be difficult for anybody to want to say that part of the solutions, part of the options open to APC now is to allow the Deputy Speaker to resign so that there can be peace in the House.
“Having come from the background that I narrated, today, Ilobu is one of the strongest stead of APC. As far as I’m concerned, Ilobu has done its own bit. We are benefitting from what we have contributed,” he added.

Source: +Daily Trust 

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