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Friday, 10 July 2015

Man finds lost wedding ring 15 years later

Man finds lost wedding ring 15 years later
The ring
A man in the US has been reunited with his precious, 15 years after the ring was lost in his own backyard.
The gold ring was the last thing Maan Moughawech expected to find when he started digging in his New Jersey backyard to plant some lucky bamboo.
But there it was, hidden deep in the soil, the 22-carat wedding ring his wife had lost all those years ago.

Maan Moughawech and his wife Savitree got married in 1998. Source: Maan Moughawec.
“I wanted to plant bamboo in the corner of the backyard. While digging a hole to plant it, I saw something yellow and shiny in the dirt,” Mr Moughawech told ABC News

“I knew that it was my lost ring.”

The ring was lost in 2000 as he and his wife Savitree, were renovating their home.
Mr Moughawech tooks his ring off and gave it to his wife for safe keeping. She put it on her wrist bangle.
The couple together and you can see him with his two wedding rings now
It was only at the end of the day that the couple discovered the wedding ring was missing.
They searched everywhere “but it was nowhere to be found,” Mr Moughawech said.
They bought a 14-carat replacement but it never really felt the same as the original.

But now Mr Moughawech has the original to go with his replacement, as well as a very good story to tell.

“My wife was in complete disbelief," he said.

Source: ABC

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