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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

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As-salam Alaikum waramotullai, wa barakatuh

We praise Allah for being part of those who will observe this Ramadan. Many had wished to observe this month, but they have not got the grace to be alive today while many others have also not got the wherewithal to observe it. Alhamdullilah. Also my special Ramadan shout out goes to my brother from another mother Olafimihan Kazeem Tunde may the Almighty Allah grant you all your heart desires as you embark on the holy journey of ibadah.

One of the important part of the daily ibadaah this month is the Tarawih, it is part of Ramadan, endeavour not to miss it.

Tarawih prayers are prayed in pairs of two and can be prayed in at least 10 rak’ah. While some schools say the prayers should be 20, some say 8 while some put it at 36. Without concerning ourselves with the details of these schools, suffice to say that Tarawih is a supererogatory prayers that is offered after Salat Isha’ aduring Ramadan.

Tarawih can be performed individually at home or at the mosque.
If for some reason you cannot go to the mosque, you can pray Tarawih at home.
But it is better to observe Tarawih in the mosque behind Imam in congregation. All ibadah in the month of Ramadan are huge in their rewards and great before Allah. Tarawih is one of them

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