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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Opinion Post: National Assembly jumbo Wardrobe pay, plus Nigerians reaction.

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The internet and social media has been on fire since the news of 8.9bilion Naira for national legislators welfare jumbo pay came to light. The issue is still trending on twitter, with a lot of Nigerians speaking against the jumbo even now that the country is in the middle of economy crisis as a result the fall in global oil prices and states been unable to pay workers salaries for months.

Below are few tweets directed at Senator Ben Murray-Bruce who prior to becoming a member of the Senate took to Twitter to express his anger over the huge amount lawmakers are been paid as allowances and promised to effect changes when he gets into the Senate. According to Nigerians on twitter, they believed him and expected a more decisive stand against the controversial wardrobe allowance. They say he has changed his position now that he has been sworn in as a Senator.


My Opinion:
  1. The total remunerations of all legislators in the senate and house of representative per annum should not be more than nine million naira (9,000,000) all entitlements and benefits inclusive, that is seven hundred and fifty thousand naira per month. If this is the case the issue of every Dick and Harry going to represent us will no longer be there.
  2. The constituency allowances that are released to these pot-belly megalomaniacs should be stopped and designated accounts be opened by all constituencies nationwide where these funds will be paid to and the Constituency should be allowed to access these funds for developmental projects which the senator/representative should only oversee.


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