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Sunday, 7 June 2015

How sick is the west (The New Normal)

I have just read an article written by Daily mail columnist Richard LittleJohn about the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and the only question I keep asking myself is “How sick is the West”. Yes I do agree we can live the way we want and do whatever pleases us but remember all of this vanity and soon we will account for we did while we are here to the Almighty God.
To start with I will like to point out that God is perfect and everything made he made perfect, some may ask why are some folks born with defects well to that I will say medically it has been proven that in pregnancy you have to eat and live healthy to have a healthy baby, so do we blame God for someone who smokes and drinks excessively during pregnancy and again those that are not as a result of not living unhealthy during pregnancy, God made them that way to prove to us that he his God and he will always be God.
Now back to the point of how sick the West is? How do you explain that someone born a man, who grew up and married a beautiful lady had kids with her and his children are now having babies of their own making him a grandfather wakes up one day and blame God for giving him a body that is not his and then decides it’s time to have gender reassignment to become a woman….oh to me he is not only sick he’s mentally unfit to live but the western media went agog celebrating Caitlyn and he(she) got an award for been courageous..abeg which kind mumu courage be that.

Secondly, we have come to accept LGBT as part and way to go now, but the real question is how long it will take before family trees/lines die off. If lady A decides to marry lady B and then guy C hooks guy D and it goes on and on like that please how do we procreate. My take is that this new normal isn't the way to go and that the world needs a new orientation urgently.

Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn talks about the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community, discussing a case of a family comprised of several LGBT people, and their 9 year old daughter. He expressed disbelief that such an arrangement could be considered a family, saying if it works, then he's a Nigerian lesbian. Read what he wrote below....
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. From yesterday’s Daily Mail: ‘A transsexual man went to court for the right to contact the child of his former lesbian partner.
‘He brought the civil case despite having no connection with the nine-year-old girl. Identified only as Alice, she was born to two lesbians who used donor sperm from a man also in a same-sex relationship.

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