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Friday, 31 May 2013

POEM "Angel's Feather"

A voice heard deep in the darkness,
Crying, alone, unseen but heard,
I wonder why of the muffled sound,
Searching the night for the sad source,
Unseeing but hearing mournful crying,
Hoping to sooth a broken hearted soul,

Looking to be of some merciful help,
Scanning night to be of some help,
Fearing failure to find the desperate
One in need this late hour of night,
Only to notice a single feather, glowing
In the darkness at the foot of the bed,
Eerie and beautiful, iridescent and
What beauty to behold, too fragile
To touch and yet too tempting not to,
Soft and a wonder lying in the palm,
Then the crying catches the ear again,
Looking to the mirror, a wondrous
Surprise unfolds in the reflection cast,
For it is me that is crying and for
The one I love so and miss, shocked
At the image I see, for it is an angel
Sitting on the bed in tears, loving and
Waiting for the woman he loves, brushing
Away the sad, sad tears for all his fears
As he knows he is loved ever much
And that he loves her just the same,
The wonder of what he feels takes
Hold and the tears turn to a gracious
And loving smile as he knows GOD
will bring them together, certain that
It is He and the woman he loves wiping
Away his tears for he is so loved and
he loves his beloved butterfly keeper
With all of his heart and spirit and that
Makes him happy to know and prays
He knows just how much she loves him
With the angel's feather her gift to him,
A reminder that their love is true and
Everlasting, forever merely a gentle
Reminder of time and hearts joined
By the living GOD and ever to be, now.

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